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If you’re having foundation problems, DFW Foundation Repair Services will schedule your free foundation inspection and provide a thorough inspection of your home’s foundation

We’ll find out the cause of the problem and help you find the perfect cost-effective solution!

The benefits of repairing your foundation sooner rather than later cannot be stressed enough.

Clients Reviews

Excellent! I received five quotes from companies advertising their foundation repair services, and when I compared products and services, DFW Foundation Repair offered all the bells and whistles for the lowest price. Apples to Apples- and their quote would save me from overspending needlessly. My home is my biggest investment, and I made the Right Choice. They were on time, provided great service, were very professional, and my house is level. I received a Lifetime Warranty and knew I can count on them to come out and adjust anything IF I ever need them. But I do not expect to. Thank you for protecting and fixing my biggest investment- MY HOME. Thank you, DFW Foundation Repair!

Plano Texas

Fantastic experience. They take time to do it right and if something goes awry they address it at no charge. House has been holding steady since it was worked on.

Jacob Steffen

We contracted DFW foundation repair to do work at our home, after receiving four estimates we were confident that we choose the right company. We’re more than pleased with all the repairs made.Our garage and retaining wall was in disparate need of repair. If any only is looking for a professional company to come in and make repairs that you can feel confident in, look no more, we highly recommend this company. They were the absolute best value and all the men were neat and professional at all times.

John & Leslie M

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