Pier And Beam Foundation Repair

Pier and Beam Repair

Pier and Beam Foundation Repair requires a team that is trained in this process. DFW Foundation Repair Services  is fully qualified to do this repair work. Repairing a pier and beam foundation is very different from a repair on a slab foundation. A pier and beam foundation is one of the most common types of foundations in Dallas; older homes are typically built with this type of foundation. A pier & beam foundation is one that is raised off of the ground using beams, joists, understructure supports and often a grade beam with a crawl space. This type of foundation is constructed of wooden beams supported by wooden joists and concrete pad and blocks.

DFW Foundation Repair is one of the few foundation companies in the area that has a specialized team that exclusively works on pier and beam foundations.
Pier and Beam foundation repair, or sometimes referred to as crawl space foundation repair, is frequently required if you have observed cracks that have formed above windows, door frames, and wall corners? Are doors in your home hard to close or refusing to close properly? Have interior floors such as hardwood and tile started to separate or bulge? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, it’s likely that your pier and beam foundation has failed and is in need of repair. Over time, the foundation can settle and shift. Depending on how the foundation is constructed, DFW Foundation Repair will use pad and blocks or piers to stabilize the foundation. Our experienced estimators will do a full assessment and give you an exact cost and repair plan for your home.

Steps for Pier and Beam Foundation Repair
1) The area is cleared of all shrubs and plants.
2) The crew enters the crawl space under the structure to replace any rotten wood or broken beams and begins to install piers as needed.
3) Using hydraulic jacks, the interior floor levels are raised to their natural position. The team moves slowly and systematically to ensure a gentle and uniform lift.
4) The Crew Chief monitors the lift of the structure to ensure the reaction of the structure and interior elevation readings is accurate and does not cause additional strain on the structure.
5) Once the structure has been lifted to its natural position, concrete cylinders replace the hydraulic jacks to provide permanent support to the structure.
6) The team then corrects any previously installed shimming and replaces it with metal shims, as needed.
7) Beams are added for the repair of the pier and beam foundation in areas of the floor system that need reinforcement.
8) If there is an insufficient amount of interior supports, interior pads and blocks or piers are added to stabilize the interior structure.
9) Once the excavated area is filled in, any debris resulting from the repair process will be removed.
10) The foundation is now firmly secure thanks to the Pier and Beam Reshimming