Protecting your Home’s Foundation in the Summer Months. 

Texas heat can dry the soil around your home’s foundation and cause damage. Here are some tips to care for your foundation.

The key to minimizing foundation movement is to regularly water and keep the moisture content constant around your structure.

Sprinkler systems or drip irrigation systems need to water close to your home’s foundation.

Soaker Hoses should be placed approximately 6 inches from your foundation.

Make sure that the soaker hose is not too close to your foundation. If the soil is cracked, the water can go into the crack and go under your home.

Test the soil to see if it is dry by putting a screwdriver into the soil. If the soil is still dry, you may want to water longer.

Watering in the evening will help prevent quick evaporation.

Call us if you see signs of Foundation Damage. DFW Foundation Repair Services offers Free Foundation Evaluations.